Carol Smaglinski, Edmond Evening

Californian Hugh Carpenter has a passion for Pacific Rim flavors. That feeling reflects in his easy teaching and cooking techniques, his writing and in his original recipes. At a recent cooking class in Oklahoma City, Carpenter mixed flavorings from different cuisines without fear. The tastes were outstanding.

Janet Harrison English, Jackson Clarion-Ledger

Hugh Carpenter has a message: Lighten up! “I think, as cooks, we take ourselves so seriously,” said the chef, food writer, cookbook author and teacher whose name is synonymous with Pacific Rim cuisine. If you’re shackled by recipes, Carpenter could be your rescuer.

Lynn Jessup, Greensboro News & Record

A class with Hugh Carpenter is an adventure in good taste.

Cynny Willet, Calgary Herald

A gastronomic guru, his high-test passion for fine food fuels his cuisine. The essence of Hugh Carpenter’s culinary character is revealed the moment he opens his mouth. He’s intense, focused, enthusiastic. Whizzing through town last week, he led Calgary taste buds on an extraordinary tour of his signature cuisine. Prepared with a huge appetite for humor and a familiar respect for classic cuisine—softened by an endearing lack of regard for pretentious kitchen ritual—the food was wonderful.

Danelle Kieffner, The Republic, Columbus, Indiana

Hugh Carpenter doesn’t wear the top hat or black cape often associated with magicians. But what he does is definitely magic transforming American favorites by using seasonings from around the world.

Robin Kleven, Copley News Service

Carpenter’s recipes are designed to assure enjoyment. He turns ordinary dishes into something with a hint of the exotic.

Marion Kane, The Toronto Star

Fusion Food Cookbook is the latest glossy work by this charming, witty Californian. Few are Carpenter’s equal when it comes to mixing ethnic flavors in clever, workable recipes.

Jan Moulton, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

If Americans suddenly stopped cooking, Hugh Carpenter could give up the food business and make a living as a stand-up comic. At two sold-out classes students left feeling as entertained as educated.