bookWokFastIn Wok Fast, the internationally acclaimed culinary team of Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison is back with exceptionally flavored meals from the versatile wok. Prepared in a flash with endless taste possibilities, wok meals are perfect for weeknight cooking. With their emphasis on short ingredient lists and plenty of make-ahead tips, the recipes in Wok Fast are tailored to accommodate tight schedules, without sacrificing flavor. To ensure great tasting food from the wok, the book includes tips on buying the best wok and filling the pantry with Asian ingredients. For the creative cook, a collection of marinades and sauces can be paired with any of the recipes for your own wok creations. And more than 50 how-to photographs capture the essence of every important cooking and cutting technique.

Published by Ten Speed Press, 2002,
112 pp, $18.95 softcover

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