bookMexicanFlavors Mexican Flavors, by cooking teacher Hugh Carpenter and his wife, photographer Teri Sandison, captures the essence of contemporary Mexican cooking. Inspired by Hugh’s cooking school located in San Miguel de Allende, a famous artist community located in the high mountain country north of Mexico City, Mexican Flavors presents American dishes with a Mexican twist that you can now re-create at home.

"Imagine, two fabulous artists in one book! Hugh, with his creativity exiting south of the border, his cookery on a new trail, and Teri, with her fabulous, evocative photography. An absolute winner! An absolute ‘must' to add to our collection of treasures."—Margrit Mondavi

Mexican Flavors includes classic recipes such as Guacamole, Sopa Azteca (Tortilla Soup), and BBQ Chicken with Mole Sauce. But there are many gastronomic surprises such as Banana Salsa, Quesadillas with Papaya and Brie, Caesar Salad with Chile Croutons, and Fallen Kahlua Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Coulis. The recipes use a wide range of seasonings to achieve innovative flavors with a Mexican flair—all from ingredients available at American supermarkets. And throughout the book, Hugh is at your side explaining easy preparation and cooking techniques, suggesting what can be completed in advance, and illuminating the unique flavors of Mexican cuisine.

At the heart of the book is a chapter that shows an innovative approach to some of Mexico’s most beloved dishes. Chile Rellenos are filled with a Goat Cheese, Pine Nut, and Corn Filling, and then smoked on the barbecue. Tacos and tostadas are deconstructed and turned into new masterpieces. And instructions for enchiladas filled with shiitake mushrooms illustrate a fail-safe way to create perfection.

Acclaimed food photographer Teri Sandison brings the recipes to life with enticing food photographs. She captures the rich experiences of the students at the San Miguel cooking school, as well as the cultural life of the town and region. Visit San Miguel, a UNESCO World Heritage City, through the lens of Teri’s camera. Step into the life of San Miguel de Allende, walk through the farmer’s markets, and watch the people go by on the Jardin. See behind the doors of old colonial homes, and attend the cooking classes at Camp San Miguel without packing your suitcase. Led by Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison, Mexican Flavors is the beginning of a delicious adventure to new approaches to Mexican cuisine.